Mark your calendar - Thursday, July 15th to Saturday, July 17th, 2004 in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.

This summer the Bair Family Reunion will be held in Colorado on the old Bair Ranch where Bair history began back in the early 1900's. The ranch is located in Glenwood Canyon on the bank of the Colorado River. It is a very picturesque setting.

The Craig Bair Family—who now own the ranch—have made it into a beautiful guest ranch. They have invited us to be their guests from Thursday July 15th to Saturday July 17th. Be prepared to depart for your den on the 17th.

Uncle Roy's family is in charge of the reunion this year. They have a very entertaining and rewarding program planned for us. Join us to see and hear of the rich Bair history that took place at this location.

There is space for tents for those Grizzly Bairs who like to get back to their roots and rough it. There is also space for self-contained trailers for the Teddy Bairs who have been all roughed out during their Grizzly days.

NOTE: Trailers with HIGH OVERHEAD CLEARANCE may have a problem passing over the bridge. If you have a trailer that fits into this category there is room for them in the lot on the highway side of the river.

More information about the reunion will be sent in April or May. If you need additional information prior to that time you may call:
Lila Bohman - 801.969.0778 or
Clyde Bair - 801.768.9577

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